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Pokemon Sun and Moon Confirmed for Late 2016 Release

During today's Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct stream, two new Pokemon games were announced, officially named Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. They...
By Night · Feb 26, 2016 · Updated Feb 26, 2016
  1. Night

    Just minutes ago, Nintendo made a huge announcement. Confirming the rumors that emerged on Thursday, they have officially announced two new Pokemon games, dubbed Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. No other information has been released on these games, except that they will offer nine languages, which is two more than the previous iterations. The games are expected to release during the holiday season this year. No official date has been announced thus far.

    Also, starting tomorrow, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be available for download. These three games will also be able to use Pokemon Bank, which means you can transfer your Pokemon from them to other games, something that was impossible before due to hardware limitations.

    This is exciting news, I know I can’t wait to see more details concerning the two new games. We are sure to be getting new starters, and possibly a new region to explore. Trainers, gear up, by the end of the year it’ll be time to catch ‘em all once more!

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    I'm just an aspiring English Major with a love of all things geeky.


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  1. GangsterSanta
    Got to love pokemon
      Night likes this.
  2. Cloudie
    This is so surprising. When I heard of this and saw that video I was hype. I can't wait to stay up the whole day playing this game. :smile:
      Night likes this.
  3. Local Pool Guy
    Time to catch 'em all
      Night likes this.
  4. Xalt
    amazing :smile: I can't wait
  5. TheItalianLad
    I stopped playing pokemon when they added all the new pokemon in. Now they're are over 1000 different ones.
      SPlasting, Skepta and Shenmue like this.
  6. 3xTiNcT
    It's kind of crazy they're still making these games. Well I guess it's not that surprising really considering the popularity. I haven't played one in awhile. I know some young people that will be excited for this.
  7. High School
    I stopped playing pokemon in 2011, the last game I remember playing was soul silver, before that I played all the previous games on a reg ds lite. What DS do I need these days to play the newer pokemon and is it any good now?
    1. Chazay
      They get better with each year. You can play them with a 2ds and 3ds.
  8. Jacob Frye
    Yes! A new game to play. Can't wait!. Nice article Night. :thumbsup:
      Night likes this.
  9. Deadpool
    Good article, might have to hold off on selling my 3ds until I play one of these.
      Night likes this.
  10. Skepta
    Hopefully there is some new good starters in this one, I have never really fell for a starter since Charmander