Pokemon Go's first event of 2017 kicks off today to celebrate Valentine's Day. Players will receive various bonuses by playing over the next week. Catching, hatching, and transferring Pokemon will net you twice as much candy as usual, while your buddy Pokemon will find candy in half the usual time.

Additionally, "adorable pink Pokemon" will show up more frequently. A comprehensive list of what fits this bill wasn't shared, but we know Porygon, Clefable, and Chansey are definitely on it. Meanwhile, while hatching eggs, you'll be more likely to obtain a Cleffa, Smoochum, or Igglybuff.

Finally, Lure Modules will be far more effective than usual, lasting for six hours--12 times as long as the usual 30 minutes they're active for.

All of this begins today, February 8, at 11 AM PST. The event runs until next Wednesday, February 15, at the same time.

Source: GameSpot