As part of Pokemon Go's recently launched holiday update, you can catch a version of Pikachu that wears a festive hat. It turns out Pikachu isn't the only one who can wear one, and the hat isn't going anywhere once you get it.

The official Pokemon Go Twitter account has confirmed that, as some players already reported, evolving the holiday version of Pikachu will net you a festive-hat-wearing Raichu. Of course, you'll need a sufficient amount of candy to do so, but that should give you ample reason to track down as many Pikachus as you can. Developer Niantic has said they'll appear in "large quantities" until the end of the event.

Provided you obtain one of these hat-wearers, you'll be able to keep them permanently--the accessory won't disappear after the event concludes on January 29th.

This week's update also introduces some other new Pokemon to the game, including Togepi and Pichu. Both of these are obtainable by hatching eggs. More new Pokemon are also on the way in the coming months, though none were called out by name.

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Source: GameSpot