Pokemon Go is putting some of its eager trainers to work tidying the planet to celebrate Earth Day. The Pokemon Go Earth Day Clean Up is a series of events to take place on April 22, inviting trainers to meet and take care of their environment and neighbourhoods.

Coordinating the event will be handled by Playmob, which is partnering with community organizations. Each event will focus on gathering garbage and debris in public spaces. Those who participate can receive a special avatar item, and a collective prize will be awarded to all trainers if enough of them participate. If 1,500 trainers participate, everyone will get double catch Stardust for Ground, Water, and Grass-type Pokemon for 48 hours. If more than 3,000 participate, it will become triple.

You can find the event closest to you by visiting the official site. Niantic and Playmob are also encouraging fans to donate to the Mission Blue Foundation ahead of the April 22 events. Mission Blue is an organization that raises awareness and support for marine protected areas.

"We know gaming can be an amazing force for good" Playmob founder Jude Ower said in the announcement. "It's a pleasure to work with such a purposeful and innovative studio and the inspirational and devoted teams behind Mission Blue and all the supporting NGO partners, collaborating on what we see as the start of a bigger movement towards global solutions through play."

Pokemon Go has been rolling out some legendary monsters lately. A new research quest system brings Mew to the game, alongside Latios and Latias.

Source: GameSpot