Pokemon Go players will soon have a chance to add another Mythical Pokemon to their collections. Niantic has announced it is kicking off a new Special Research questline in the game next week, beginning August 20, and those who complete enough of the tasks will be able to encounter the Time Travel Pokemon, Celebi.

This isn't the first time Celebi has appeared in Pokemon Go; players who attended the Pokemon Go Fest event in Chicago earlier this summer were able to encounter the Mythical Pokemon by completing an exclusive batch of Special Research tasks, but this marks the first opportunity all players around the world will have a chance to capture it.

Celebi made its series debut in Pokemon Gold and Silver, and its impending arrival in Go is bringing out other Pokemon originally from the Johto region. Niantic says new Field Research quests relating to Gen 2 Pokemon will also be available, and Johto-inspired avatar items will be added to the in-game store. All players will be able to claim a Celebi shirt for free, while HeartGold and SoulSilver outfits will be unlocked as players make progress on their Johto medal.

In addition to a chance to encounter Celebi, completing the new set of Special Research tasks will reward players with XP and items. Those who've already captured the Mythical Pokemon at Pokemon Go Fest, meanwhile, will earn Candy to power their Celebi up. To take part in the new Special Research, you will first need to have completed the third set of Mew Special Research tasks.

In the meantime, Pokemon Go players can still take advantage of the ongoing trading event. Until August 19, trades will cost 25% less Stardust than usual, and players will be able to earn up to six Candies for each trade. Niantic also recently shared the first details on next month's Community Day, which takes place on September 22 and features the Gen 2 starter Pokemon, Chikorita.

Source: GameSpot