The third global mission for Pokémon Sun and Moon is not yet over, but players have already reached its goal. That’s a huge deal for the games’ community, which utterly failed to complete either of the previous online competitions.

In just four days — and with another 10 to go — Sun and Moon players managed to trade a million Pokémon using the GTS, or Global Trade System. Although that sounded like just as tough of a task as the first two global missions’, fans banded together to get the job done in record time.

Completing the mission before time’s up grants all participants 2,000 Festival Coins, to be used in the online Festival Plaza feature. Now that that’s been locked down, players can focus on hitting the bonus milestones, which will net them even more rewards. If players can make it to two million total trades by midnight on Feb. 14, they’ll get a Friend Ball for their trouble. It’s possible that issues with the games’ online Global Link feature played a part in the failures of the initial missions. That’s since been “investigated and addressed,” according to its website.

Just as likely, however, is that players felt extra inspired to succeed; the games’ Reddit communities featured tons of threads in the last few days encouraging everyone to do their part in hitting the end goal. Third time’s the charm, after all.

Source: Polygon