Pokémon Gold and Silver will launch on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console this September, Nintendo announced.

The re-releases will be available on the Nintendo eShop on Sept. 22. Pokémon Gold and Silver were originally released for the Game Boy Color in the United States 17 years ago. The updated version of the game will be compatible with Pokémon Bank, the Nintendo 3DS service that allows players to deposit, store and manage their Pokémon in private Boxes online.

Unfortunately, the game will not be available for the Nintendo Switch. The company confirmed today it will only be available for the 3DS Virtual Console. Nintendo did confirm today, however, that Pokkén Tournament Deluxe will be available for the Nintendo Switch. It will be released on Sept. 22.

For fans of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Nintendo confirmed today a deluxe version of those games, called Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, will be available on Sep. 17.

More information about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and other Pokémon games will be announced later this year.

Source: Polygon