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Pokémon GO Released Worldwide

The highly awaited Pokémon GO has appeared on the iTunes app store and the Google Play store in regions all around the world (including New...
  1. Lulu

    UPDATE 6/7: As of today, Pokémon GO has released in North America and Europe. The game servers are experiencing high stress so many are struggling to log in, but the game is available for download and it can be played.

    Pokémon GO entranced dedicated fans of the franchise and rekindled the interest of many who had turned away from the series. The world of Pokémon instilled a dream into millions across the world of traveling around the world to befriend, collect, and battle Pokémon to become the best trainer one could be. When Pokémon GO showed off a trailer during this year's Superbowl, fans were immediately reminded of why this franchise has captured the hearts of so many, their eyes now opened to the possibility of traveling the world and becoming as close to a Pokémon trainer as nature will allow.

    Today marks just about a week after the beta testing period ended in North America, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, which lasted for over a month in each region. The full app has been released in the latter three regions, Australia and New Zealand, and can be downloaded and played through either the iTunes app store or the Google Play store.

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  1. brebre
    i wanna play it but its not available for my phone. My phone says its incompatible but i cant upgrade anything cuz its all already updated so i cant get it.:frown:
  2. Zingzags
    Watch me end up in the wrong hood and get stabbed trying to catch a Blastoise.
      RGF likes this.
  3. 3xTiNcT
    Gonna have to try it out. :speechless:
  4. Sasori
    I've unsuccessfully tried patching a cracked version of the JPN version to work in NA.

    All I can do is wait :frown:

    [EDIT] Currently available in the US, not yet in Canada.
      Scare Croe likes this.
  5. Kankuro
    20% battery, better get that Oddish fast!
  6. Scare Croe
    Tried to log in here in the USA and get an error about the "Servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later." Damn. Hopefully th official U.S. Release is soon.

    ** Edit ** I killed the app and restarted it and it worked.
  7. Chazay
    I was a beta/alpha tester. This game is not very good.
    1. Pyroman
      Agreed, I did the alpha and it was just terrible. But I might download it again when it comes to full release in NA. Just to see if it got any better.(I doubt it)

      Edit: nvm still ****.
  8. Saby
    The spoiler of additional screenshots were indeed very disappointing.
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    2. Saby
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    3. Deadpool
      Hell if I know, it works fine for me.
    4. Lulu
      Should be fixed. Thanks for letting me know, Saby!
  9. Deadpool
    Senior Correspondent at your service.
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