The ability to nominate local landmarks as PokéStops has long been coveted by Pokémon Go players. Niantic announced that it plans to implement PokéStop nomination and that the first wave of beta testing would roll out soon. It will be limited to trainers in Brazil and South Korea, and only Level 40 trainers who are over 18.

Trainers who meet these requirements will be able to submit photographs and descriptions of potential PokéStops, which will then be reviewed by experienced Ingress users. Niantic suggests locations such as public parks and libraries, interesting pieces of art or architecture, or major transportation spots. Private property, places without direct access to pedestrians, and locations on primary or secondary school property and child care centres will not be approved.

A more comprehensive guide to suggested locations and prohibited ones can be found on Niantic’s site.

The site also delineates a specific step-by-step guide to submitting new PokéStops. According to the screenshots of the submission system on the site, there will be a limit of five nominations a day. Players are encouraged to take photos of potential PokéStops and explain why it would make a good addition to the game.

It’s not yet announced when the feature will be available to everyone, but Niantic says it will gradually expand to other countries.

Source: Polygon