Pokémon Go is throwing extra Pokémon and items at players this week

Pokémon Go’s new daily bonus feature went live Monday as part of its latest version update, and Niantic threw in another bonus of its own along...
  1. Allegra Frank

    Pokémon Go’s new daily bonus feature went live Monday as part of its latest version update, and Niantic threw in another bonus of its own along with it. From now until Nov. 11, players will find far more Pokémon to catch and items to collect as they’re out and about.

    Hitting up PokéStops will result in a nice increase in Poké Balls, Great Balls, Hyper Potions and other desirable items with little effort, but it’s the increased Pokémon spawn rate that’s especially nice. Some players are finding huge numbers of Pokémon on their maps at once, with diverse species in the mix.

    One Reddit user posted a picture of an actual crowd of Pokémon around his avatar, with multiple Eevee and Clefairy and Nidorino in the mix. These aren’t uncommon Pokémon, necessarily, but it beats a swarm of Pidgey spontaneously appearing on screen.

    Niantic recently tweaked the types of Pokémon that players will find along their journeys, which is partly why the increase in Pokémon finds hasn’t just been a ton of Rattata and other boring monsters. The number of Pidgey, Rattata and Zubat that appear in the game has been drastically altered, the developer said on Twitter last week.

    Time will tell if these extra will help players forgive the more frustrating parts of the Pokémon Go’s new version. Players have taken to forums to call out Niantic for lowering the speed limit, which means many have found themselves unable to play the game from the passenger seat of a slow-moving vehicle. Gyms have also been tweaked to be easier to capture, which has cut back on some of the challenge for more experienced players.

    At least there’s the updated tracking feature to look forward to — if you’re lucky enough to be in Arizona, San Francisco or Seattle, that is, where the beta test is heading next.

    Source: Polygon

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  1. Pyroman
    They are trying so hard to get there player count back up.
    1. PSGAndr3w
      It may be working too. I live in a rural area with nothing pidgasses and gratatas, and downloading in hopes of getting a semi-decent pokemon now.
    2. Pyroman
      I never really liked it. I modded it and that was the most fun I had with it. But they have since perma'd me and I lost all interest in it. My friends played it for a good 2 weeks then never played after.
      Skepta likes this.
    3. PSGAndr3w
      Tried downloading it, then realised I have rooted my phone LOL. But yeah, I know the feeling. If you looked at my location history, you'd see me teleporting across the world because where I live is butt-f***-nowhere according to Niantic.