Pokémon GO Is Helping Players with Depression

Pokémon GO has affected the mobile gaming industry and even local businesses, but according to recent accounts, Pokémon GO may also be helping...
  1. Feyfolken
    Pokémon GO, the free mobile spinoff of the Pokémon franchise, has seemingly revolutionized gaming and socializing as a whole, effectively combining the two into one seamless and positive experience. Since its release just three days ago, the game has exploded in popularity, with many prospective players unable to even play the game due to high volume and server stress. Although this novel concept of traveling around in-person to battle and collect Pokémon is enough to get this many people playing it, several reports suggest that active players have found other reasons to play the game that one might not expect.

    Pokémon GO forces players to walk around and travel locally to catch Pokémon and advance through the game. On the surface, it might seem like it only encourages players to be physically active, but several accounts on Twitter show that Pokémon GO players have immersed themselves into this game and have come out with a healthier mentality. Players find themselves walking around outside of their houses and their beds, collecting Pokémon out in nature, in their towns, and in their local shops where players can sometimes find real-life Gyms to train and battle other trainers.

    Though Pokémon GO has presented a unique business opportunity for local businesses, many players have already taken to Twitter to talk about their thoughts and feelings surrounding the game.

    Many stories have already surfaced about silly and crazy things happening while players were on Pokémon GO, but they are completely overshadowed by the seemingly positive effects the game has started to have on its players. Pokémon GO is just over three days into its release and the benefits of it can already be seen to this extent; just how much farther will it go?

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    This just in, Pokémon Go has won the 2016 presidential election, the VERY FIRST mobile app to ever set foot in the white house. Truly a historical day for the United States.
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    Pokemon go is good and bad at the same time but I love it.
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    Helps with mine for sure
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      Same here! :biggrin:
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      Anybody got an easier way to find a Gastly?
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