Pokémon Go will soon have a reason for players to check back in with the game every day, Niantic announced in a blog post. A daily bonus feature will be introduced in an upcoming update, giving players additional experience points and items for catching Pokémon and visiting PokéStops on a regular basis.

Catching at least one Pokémon every day will grant a user 500 experience for their trouble. They’ll also receive 600 stardust off the bat, which goes a long way toward strengthening monsters. If players add one Pokémon to their collection for a week straight, they’ll receive a 2,000-point bonus and 2,400 stardust.

Inspecting a single PokéStop a day grants 500 experience points and “a number of additional items,” which Niantic didn’t go into detail about. After a week of spinning the PokéStop markers on the regulr, players will receive “a greater number of additional items” with their 2,000 experience points.

There’s no timing for the feature update, so players will have to sit tight until Pokémon Go’s daily bonuses arrive. The game’s first global event wrapped just yesterday, which celebrated Halloween by granting players extra candy and making certain ghost-type Pokémon more abundant.

Source: Polygon