A special seasonal event starts in Pokémon Go on Dec. 25, encouraging players to celebrate the holidays by playing the mobile game. As part of developer Niantic’s gift to players, there will be increased chances to catch some of the most beloved Pokémon until the event’s end.

From Dec. 25 until sometime in the afternoon on Jan. 3, players can grab one Incubator per day. These will be doled out at PokéStops and are single use-only. Visiting PokéStops will also give players a better chance of collecting eggs that house the new baby Pokémon, like Togepi and Pichu. They’re among the first second-gen monsters to make it into the game, after first appearing earlier this month.

From Dec. 30-Jan. 8, players will also be able to find some old-school favorites more frequently. Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and their full evolutionary lines will be found in the wild regularly during this timeframe, and Niantic is also increasing the length that Lure Modules last to help players capture them. Instead of running for 30 minutes, these items will attract more Pokémon into a PokéStop’s surrounding area for a full hour.

The holiday event is Pokémon Go’s latest festive celebration. Niantic also gave thanks to its players in late November with a Thanksgiving-themed promotion, which saw players receiving double the experience points.

Just ahead of this holiday gift to fans came Pokémon Go on Apple Watch. The app is now available for Apple Watch as a free download — although you’ll still need an iPhone handy to catch Pokémon.

Source: Polygon