Pokémon Go, the upcoming mobile game that is being co-developed by Niantic and Nintendo, had been recently announced. Its release date is planned for sometime during 2016. The game will follow an augmented reality style of gameplay with MMO-based features added into the mix. With these two features combined, a unique Pokémon experience is guaranteed for almost every player.

Other than utilizing your smartphone on a tablet's camera to bring the environment around you to life, some of the game's main focuses are ensuring players will have a great social experience while playing. Players will be able to not only find, capture, and battle Pokémon, but they will be to trade them and explore the augmented reality blend of their neighborhood and the Pokémon universe to find more players and Pokémon alike.


When players aren't using their smartphones to play the game, a small watch-like device will help to keep this in action. Don't forget to stay tuned to Pokémon Go news for the upcoming closed beta releasing Winter 2015!

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