A pair of Pokémon Go’s latest region-exclusive monsters have already shifted to new locations, not long after players pinpointed where they could be found upon release.

Based on The Silph Road community’s reports, Zangoose and Seviper, two third-generation Pokémon known to be forever at odds with each other, appear to have relocated mere weeks after their debut in Pokémon Go.

Initially, players speculated that Zangoose was found only in North America, Africa and the Arabian peninsula; Seviper, meanwhile, could only be caught in Australia, the Middle East and more remote areas of Europe. The opposite now appears to be true, according to those in the U.S. who say they’re now finding and catching Seviper out in the wild.

This nest rotation may not be 100 percent done with, as some players in the U.S. are still able to catch Zangoose. More often than not, however, players are saying they’re now catching the Pokémon previously unavailable in their areas, while the original exclusive is nowhere to be found.

Making Zangoose and Seviper two of Pokémon Go’s hard-to-find, location-based Pokémon is Niantic’s nod to the games these Pokémon come from. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the Pokédex stated that the Pokémon were sworn enemies and must be kept apart at all costs.

Source: Polygon