The Pokémon Go anniversary event is running now until July 24, but Niantic didn’t advertise what really makes it so special. There’s a special Ash Ketchum hat-wearing Pikachu running around the game right now, but what fans should really keep an eye out for are Pokémon Eggs — in the hopes of getting Pichu, Pikachu’s pre-evolution.

Players on Reddit have found that some Pichu hatched during the event are born wearing Ash Ketchum’s trademark cap too. It’s arguably much, much cuter on the little baby electric mouse than it is on its older brother; take a look:


Pikachu’s gotten its fair share of headwear as part of Pokémon Go’s various events, but this is the first time Pichu’s gotten in on the action. The second-gen Pokémon’s only been in the game since December, after all; it was one of the first new Pokémon Niantic added into Pokémon Go.

It may be tough to find this Pichu; such is the nature of Pokémon Egg-collecting. Not every Pichu hatched during the event will have the Ash Ketchum hat on, and it’s unlikely that Pichu Eggs collected prior to the anniversary campaign’s kickoff will be wearing the hat.

Your best bet is to grab as many two-kilometer Pokémon Eggs as possible, starting now, and walking around to make sure they hatch before July 24. Best of luck in nabbing this adorable baby Pokémon for your collection.

Source: Polygon