The Pokémon Bank application has now been updated, according to the Pokémon Sun and Moon website. The Nintendo 3DS service, which allows players to transfer their Pokémon between a variety of mainline titles, is now compatible with Sun and Moon. In celebration of the eagerly anticipated update, all Pokémon Bank users will receive a special gift. From now until Oct. 2, a rare Z-Crystal item for the legendary Pokémon Mew will be given away exclusively through Pokémon Bank. The Mewnium-Z item works with Sun and Moon, which introduced the Z-Move mechanic to the franchise.

The graphic below shows how Pokémon Bank will now communicate with Pokémon Sun and Moon. Trainers’ collections from those games will be able to move over to older 3DS entries, like X and Y. Players will also be able to move over Pokémon from those previous games into Sun and Moon, expanding their Pokédex and giving them the chance to use a number of older Pokémon in the newer games for the first time.


Pokémon Bank costs $4.99 for an annual subscription. Along with the ability to move Pokémon between games with ease, the service provides additional storage for trainers with large monster collections. For Sun and Moon, using Pokémon Bank will also introduce the expanded National Pokédex into the games, as a way to account for the rest of the Pokémon previously unavailable in the main campaign.

Source: Polygon