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Point and Click Your Way Through Victorian London in The Slaughter


Coming soon to a PC near you is The Slaughter, an indie game that focuses on a serial killer that’s leaving the dangerous streets of Victorian London stained red with blood. Self-tasked with stopping him is Sydney Emerson: a selfish private investigator who is more likely to been seen somewhere in a dark alley in a shady part of town getting tuned up, rather than out and about solving a case. Sydney has hit a new low in his abysmal career; a majority of his latest P.I. jobs consist of simple tasks, like finding pets that have strayed too far from their owners. Seeking to change himself and bring some excitement in his life, Sydney attempts to give up his selfish ways, and intentionally puts himself into several dangerous situations to redeem himself.

The Slaughter will take you into a dark world where you’ll be able to explore everything Victorian London has to offer. You’ll meet all sorts of peculiar characters in bars, slums, and even opium dens. Sydney’s search for the serial killer isn’t your everyday investigation. Strange dreams and surreal hallucinations seem to give him the leads he needs to track down the person terrorizing his city. The walk on the thin line between reality and illusions is a dangerous one, and it’s up to you if you’re ready to make the journey.

The game will feature a point-and-click style of gameplay, with mind-bending puzzles for players to solve and interactive environments for them to enjoy. Players can choose from different lines of dialogue when interacting with other characters in the game, essentially letting the player tell their own story. The map in the game will allow players to easily revisit any location they previously visited to search for extra clues, or just to simply have a conversation with the different people in the area. The game will also feature a dynamic conversation system, which will change the conversation option Sydney has access to at certain points in the game depending on his current state of mind, and the same will apply to NPC’s in the game and their current mood. The developer hopes that the deep conversation system will bring a nice level of humor and comic relief to help lighten the tone and distract players to temporarily forget they’re on a dangerous mission to catch a serial killer.

One of the stretch goals for The Slaughter is The Enigma of St. Saviors, a bonus story that will follow the mysterious sudden deaths of healthy hospital patients. Sydney is left to find out who’s murdering the innocent patients, but quickly finds himself trapped in some sort of coma caused by a near-fatal encounter with the killer. Stuck in a dream world, Sydney will have to investigate this new area and try to escape from his endless sleep before he’s the killer’s next victim. The Slaughter is set to release next year on January 28, 2016. Check out The Slaughter's Kickstarter page for more details on the game, including the soundtrack, and a free demo of the game!

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