PlayStation Plus Prices to Increase in Europe

Sony has confirmed an increase in the price of their PlayStation Plus subscriptions in mainland Europe and the UK starting September 1st.
  1. Sparfire
    Sony has confirmed an increase in the price of their PlayStation Plus subscriptions in mainland Europe and the UK starting September 1st. The change will affect the one month and three month membership option only, the full year subscription price tag will remain the same.

    A statement from Sony's UK division confirms the price increase, but does not mention the new numbers customer will have to get used to:

    "We are dedicated to bringing PlayStation Plus members the best possible service with the most compelling content, from 1st September we will be increasing the price of monthly and three month PlayStation Plus subscriptions in line with market conditions. We will continue to invest in PlayStation Plus to ensure an unparalleled experience, featuring the best quality games and features."

    However, users have been getting emails regarding the change, suggesting that three month memberships will increase from £11.99 to £14.99, as seen here. As of now, it seems like the rest of the world will be unaffected, but we will have to wait for more information from Sony to be sure. With no other explanation than the need to adjust to the market, it may look like the company is attempting to push gamers into the 1 year subscription. Regular outages, cloud storage issues, and slow download speeds are common problems reported by PlayStation Plus users, so whether or not is is a good idea to raise the price without announcing a fix or major improvement, remains to be seen.

    Source: Push Square

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  1. Claws
    While it's not exactly too much of an increase, It's still pathetic that they're increasing the prices and still giving old titles that aren't exactly wanted.
  2. Hiyper
  3. Johny_Barbarian_
    So what benefits does the user get, for increased subscription fee?. I won't be be a continuing subscriber if the content does not improve, who seriously want to play old 16 bit 2d games on there next generation, console, it's ridiculous, if I wanted to play old obsolete titles I would dig out an old console. I expect some actual real ps4 titles, yes I realise we have had drive club , metal gear and injustice god among us, we need more.
    1. Claws
      I don't assume any difference in benefits will be happening, but I'm curious as to why it's only europe that's getting its price bumped.
    2. Hiyper
    3. Johny_Barbarian_
      I have not got a clue the UK seems to get screwed in every possible way , so it make sense for it to affect us.
  4. WeeGee
    I might get a PS4 soon but for now glad I have an Xbox One. Don't even have gold on my account as it is :tongue:.
  5. Absim
    £3 is quite a lot. You could buy 2 cheese and onion sandwiches. Honestly this will never be looked at positively by the public. They should had just added something extra which is cheap like more free PSN avatars every month since that way it won't look like such a negative thing.
  6. SSL
    Of course. Sony being greedy. First PSN was free, then they charge. Now they want more. Really Sony, is your security that expensive.
  7. Wavy
    Just bought a PS4. If Sony increases prices in the US, this b*tch is going to get returned real quick.
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  8. Salus
    Ripperoni swet psn users
  9. Arxhive
    Xbox master race.
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    2. Salus
      Consoles have better graphics
    3. Scarlett Johansson
    4. Claws
      Imo the game benifits xbox gets compared to ps plus is better. It's technically free since live is already paid for, and the games are quite a bit better. There was halo reach I think.
  10. GTA_Grinder
    No mention of the yearly. That's good.