PlayStation E3 Experience 2016 Announced, Tickets Go Live Tomorrow

E3 is coming, and with it is the 3rd annual PlayStation E3 Experience event. A time where PlayStation fans can get a taste of the full PlayStation...
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    E3 is coming, and with it is the 3rd annual PlayStation E3 Experience event. A time where PlayStation fans can get a taste of the full PlayStation Press Conference at E3 from the comfort of their own state. Starting on Monday, June 13th, fans in North America, Canada, and Latin America will be able to gather together at one of the 85 specially selected theaters hand-picked by Sony to hold the events. PlayStation E3 Experience began in 2014 as a trial, and due to the unexpected overwhelming popularity, Sony has decided to not only more than double the scale of the event, but extend the viewing to other countries as well. Give it a shot if the event it being held near you!

    If you’re in attendance a live viewing of the press conference won’t be the only treat you’ll be receiving. Everyone at the event will get their hands on a limited edition Coca-Cola E3 Experience Cup and card #37 from the PlayStation Collectible Card series. Originally introduced last year, the PlayStation Collectible Card Series are essentially baseball cards with video game characters and icons in place of the players. If you’re actually going to be attending E3, you’ll be able to collect these cards at specific unknown gaming booths at the event If they follow last year’s routine. There are 66 cards in total, and with the first 35 released last year, they may be making another appearance at this year’s E3 event.

    Sony will also be giving everyone who attends any PlayStation E3 experience event a special digital gift basket. The contents of the digital gifts are currently unknown and you may have to go to the event to find out what Sony has in store for their fans. If you currently considering attending one of these events and remain concerned about the cost, don’t fret. PlayStation E3 experience is 100% free, the only thing you need to do is grab a ticket. Starting tomorrow and 10am PT, tickets will go live, so make sure you’re up and ready to grab them because they’re sure to go fast. Once all of the tickets are gone Sony will still take down names of latecomers to be added to a special waitlist. There’s only a limited number of seats for people on the waitlist, and everyone will be served first come, first-served. You can check out the list of all of the theaters holding the event on the link provided below.

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Always have wanted to go to one of these things.
  2. hoopsure
    I want to go now. When is this happening?
  3. SomeGayGamer
    Great article! Can't wait to see what they reveal at E3.
    Im not a hardcore playstation fan but ill try to attend this event
  5. David Bowie
    Wish I lived in America so I could go to E3, looks really good! Thanks for the article God :smile:
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    1. God
      Ah that sucks. Maybe they'll extend the event to overseas locations next year if the demand is high enough.
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    2. David Bowie
      We have PAX which is, to a certain extent similar, but yeah it still sucks :/