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Playstation Director Speaks on FIFA 14 Pre-Order Bonus for Xbox One


In a recent interview with Gamespot, the managing director of Sony UK, Fergal Gara has opened up about Microsoft’s preorder bonuses in Europe. Microsoft announced that each preorder of the Xbox One will come packaged with a digital download of FIFA 14 at no extra cost.

Gara was asked if it would affect their pre-order numbers and sales this Christmas, “FIFA's a very significant title. That's a robust promotion, I would say. We are not seeking to accelerate our preorders any further, to be honest. [PS4 preorders] are breathtakingly high as they are right now. We do not have a preorder problem. We will remain focused on value, and there's lots we can do around launch to make gamers feel looked after in a PS4 world”. It has been said that the Playstation 4 has already taken over a million pre-orders and it appears that this promotion Microsoft is offering is no threat to Sony. Gara continued with “And, let's be clear, you can buy a PS4 plus FIFA 14 at full whack for less, as I would understand it, than a free FIFA 14 with an Xbox One. We will continue to focus on great value for the gamer. There's loads of instances on how that's real today, whether that be the price of the PS4, or the fantastic content proposition that goes with PlayStation Plus”.

Right now it looks as though Sony aren't scared, either that or they are hiding it well, this November the Playstation will cost less and it will launch in more countries than the Xbox One. The console has some great exclusives coming and with such a loyal fan base I honestly believe Sony have the upper hand in the next-gen battle.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s promotion? Do you think Sony have this one in the bag? Please share your comments below.
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