PlayStation 4's Sharefactory Gets A New Update

As the PlayStation 4 Sharefactory community continues to grow, so do the requests for new features and updates to gamers favorite features on the...
By God · Dec 12, 2015 · Updated Dec 12, 2015
  1. God
    As the PlayStation 4 Sharefactory community continues to grow, so do the requests for new features and updates to gamers favorite features on the PlayStation 4. Since the initial launch of Sharefactory, Sony has seen more the 5.1 million downloads of the application and over 18.9 million gamers sharing their experiences with people all over the world. Sony thanks users for their endless support and feedback on Sharefactory, and have decided to release a new update packed with new features for gamers to enjoy.​

    The first big feature to make its way into the new Sharefactory update has been one that’s been highly requested by fans of the PS4 feature. The new feature is called Time Bender, and will allow Users to add slow motion and time lapse effects to all of their Sharefactory videos. Users will be able to seamlessly slow down and catch every detail in the intense fast-paced action moments in their video games, or speed themselves through the worlds they play in. Another new feature added in the update is Sharefactory Events. This feature allows users to partake in special events their favorite developers and publishers will host. When a Sharefactory Event pops up, the host of the event will detail the specific video creation requirements they’ll need everyone to follow. These events are perfect for users to show off their video editing skills to a large crowd. The first Sharefactory Event is currently being planned and details will be released on it soon.

    Sony has also added a few more features to improve PS4 users overall experience with Sharefactory. They've added 2 additional music tracks for you to add to your projects, 3 new filters to assist you on the visual side of things, layering and stickers and text, new transitions including 3 new wipe transitions and 5 new dissolve transitions, and a brand new color picker that no longer constrains text color to a limited color palette. They have also increased the number of clips Sharefactory users can add to their projects to 50. Users will also be able to use up to 12 music tracks in their projects. Make sure to check out Sharefactoy's updated features if you own a PlayStation 4. Don't forget to send Sony your feedback! You never know, your suggestion could make it to the next Sharefactory update!

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Those features would be nice on Xbox One.
  2. televisedfool
    Awesome :biggrin: I really like how sony is supporting it's community of content creators on PS4 with this very useful application. It's very useful to be able to take your videos and edit them in various ways all on your console without having to transfer your video over onto your PC to make the changes like you previously did.