Today Sony released some information, on their blog, about a day one patch for the PlayStation 4. The software update 1.50 will be roughly 300MB and is mandatory if you plan on using any of the cool features the PS4 has to offer. Although the PS4 will ship with some basic functions, the follow features will only be available once the user has downloaded the update:
  • Remote Play
  • Second Screen
  • Recording and uploading gameplay/screenshots
  • Twitch
  • Play as you download
  • Multi log-in (up to 4 accounts can be signed in at the same time on one system)
  • Party chat
  • Face recognition and voice commands
  • Background Music Player
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Play Blu-ray / DVD
Sony goes on to say that some features won't be available from launch, like the "suspend mode". This allows you to turn your PlayStation 4 into a low power state mode and then back into the game instantly, as if the game was paused. The company also that more information regarding system update 1.50 and what features will be available at launch will be coming soon.