Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will have voice commands and facial recognition features. Purchasing the optional Camera will allow you to control your console via voice, and will also recognise your face. The device was planned to bundle with the PlayStation 4 console. However, to undercut Microsoft's Xbox One, Sony decided to sell the peripheral device as an accessory.

"Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that PlayStation Camera allows for voice recognition and we will look forward to sharing more details in the lead up to the launch of PlayStation 4 on November 29," the spokesperson told Polygon.

Both features were confirmed at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas last week. At the 5:30 mark Sony's spokesperson said: "From navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming," said Sean Coleman. "When you add the PlayStation Camera into the mix, the pair work together to expand upon system features and enhance your PlayStation 4 experience. The new stereoscopic lenses track your body movements in games or even recognise your face [for] easier system navigation."

Gamers have been largely suspicious of such devices due to their sometimes 'buggy' nature. However, it appears both Sony and Microsoft are keen to peruse the camera and voice commands route as they obviously believe it can expand and improve the gaming experience. Apart from a few differences, the facial recognition system mentioned by Coleman is similar to that of the Xbox One's ability that allows users to 'log-in' with their face.

As it currently stands, purchasing the PlayStation 4 is still cheaper than the Xbox One. Purchasing both the PlayStation 4 and Eye camera together costs £393 whilst purchasing the Xbox One and compulsory Kinect costs you £429. If you've pre-ordered a PlayStation 4, have you also ordered the Eye camera? If not, has this changed your mind? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.