Rumor PlayStation 4 Slim Leaked

Earlier this month, Sony confirmed that they would be hosting an event of some type for the PlayStation brand. This event is set to take place on...
  1. Crooks

    Earlier this month, Sony confirmed that they would be hosting an event of some type for the PlayStation brand. This event is set to take place on September 7th at 3pm EST in New York, and that's about all we know for sure. Rumours have been flying high these past few weeks talking about what Sony intends to reveal at this event, and we just might have gotten a solid leak to confirm our suspicions.

    A few hours ago, pictures began to surface on Twitter showing a thinner, rounder PlayStation 4 model, dubbed the PS4 Slim. These pictures come courtesy of Twitter user @shortmaneighty2 after he allegedly purchased the system from a local retailer after finding it on a classified listings website called Gumtree. The retailer also claims that the console is set to release in about 3 weeks which lines up with the Sony event.

    As you can see in the album above, the PlayStation 4 Slim is a lot more rounded than the original PlayStation 4 system. It is also significantly smaller which makes it look a lot more low profile than the original PlayStation 4. The buttons on the front panel have also been relocated into the lower lip of the PlayStation 4 and the disc drive seems to have shifted over to the left side of the console.

    Now it's hard to think that someone would go to these lengths just to troll the internet with a fake PS4 Slim, but it's entirely possible. The PlayStation event is still scheduled for September 7th so we'll hopefully receive confirmation that this is in face the real deal. What do you think? Do you think this is real? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. TheItalianLad
    That is disgusting.
  2. patriotaki
    i prefer my current ps4 in my carbon black skin :tongue:
  3. xXBeefyDjXx
    It's pretty good, but even if this is confirmed, it will not trance me into paying for a mere console experience I had on pc some 7 years ago, I'll stick to my pcs.
  4. bonesforjones18
    So fake
    1. Crooks
      There have been multiple unboxings uploaded to the internet at this point, so I'm inclined to believe that this is real.
    2. LuXj
      So REAL
  5. LuXj
    Not a rumor
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    1. Crooks
      It was at the time the article was written.
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  6. Jamdoogen
    It looks ugly!!!
    1. Shalour
      Looks like they made it with some recycled plastic.
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  7. UnwiseBuckle400
    It looks so beautifull. I'm gonna buy it. (I dont have a PS4) When i see at that console gives me a feeling about the original PS4 is bigger and that feels like an xbox one lol. really asking when it will be availible to buy. If its later than Christmas then fuk it i'll just buy the original ps4
    1. televisedfool
      I agree it's an awesome looking console. I predict they will go on sale next month after the Playstation meeting on Sept. 7 and will be cheaper then the regular ps4.
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    2. UnwiseBuckle400
      I dont buy online, i only buy in stores in real life, if they availible in store than i'm happy to buy one.
  8. 3xTiNcT
    Doesn't look that different.
  9. Se7ensins Lover 7263
    honestly don't see the need to remodel the system just upgrade the hardware IMO.
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  10. ProSniperMods
    **** Looks Like a 1990 laptop xD [​IMG]
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    1. Ellie_Goulding
      That laptop is probably more powerfull too!
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