If you've been waiting to try out The Division, or simply want to check out the PC version, this weekend presents the perfect opportunity to do so.

Ubisoft's shooter will be free to play for three, and a bit, days on PC, beginning at 10 AM PST on December 15 and running until 1 PM on December 18. Preloading is now underway through Uplay.

You'll have access to the full base game and the various content updates, some of which have been quite substantial. DLC, however, is not included--you'll still need to play to check out any of that content.

Should you decide to purchase the full game, any progress you making during the free weekend will carry over. Uplay will sell the game at half price during the event, bringing it down to $25 (or $45 for the Gold edition that includes the season pass).

Source: GameSpot