Between June 26 and July 30, you can play a trial version of EA's new game, Unravel 2, for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The demo comes with the game's first two levels and lets you play for up to 10 hours. Just make sure you remember to close out of the game between play sessions to stop the timer.

Unravel 2 is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer starring Yarny, a red doll made from--you guessed it--yarn. This sequel adds a second doll that can be controlled by another player over local co-op. The game takes place in the real world, from the perspective of the tiny yarn dolls.

Because of their diminutive size, the ordinary items you encounter often halt your progress. You and your (optional) co-op partner are tasked with figuring out how to get through each predicament. Often, the solution involves using your doll's yarn to grapple and swing between obstacles.

Source: GameSpot