A Swedish craftsman has created what most of us used as a child, but made it portable! He has done what was never thought of, and impossible back then, and made the classic arcade system and made it fit in a wooden box. He calls it the "R-Kade-R" and it includes an 8" screen, a built in mono speaker, 9 face buttons, and even an 8 way joystick that screws in! If that wasn't enough, it fits in a wooden box that's a bit bigger than a book! I know what you're thinking, "I HAVE TO BUY THIS!". You may be in for a let down to find out it costs $3,397.. but that's nothing if you're a nostalgia hunter!

Now, lets go more into detail about the specs of this beautiful machine! The R-Kaid-R holds an 8" LCD screen above the buttons and joystick just like the classic, but it also includes its own mono speaker just to the right of that. If you're on the go, or need to be quiet, it also includes a stereo port for headphones so you can still enjoy the sounds that it has. A 16GB SD comes pre-installed with a copy of Cave story, and even it's own operating system. The 5 V rechargeable battery that it comes with is estimated to be able to play non-stop for up to 8 hours!

If it wasn't enough that it can play old arcade titles, it's hardware allows it to play any of the Game Boy Advance titles, PlayStation, and previous consoles and even some PC titles such as "Doom" and "Duke Nukem 3D"! Other platforms that it supports are Neo Geo, Atari 2600, Super Nintendo, and ScummVM.

Hulten says that the R-Kaid-R is meant to "breathe new life into a fading culture,". It's definitely an eye catcher for the people who have ever played on arcade machines. Hulten says that it's set to be sent out in september, and you can pre-order it in any of the 5 wood finishes, which doesn't include the leather satchel. If you want to buy it with the wooden case as seen in the picture, it will cost you an extra $176, however.

I personally think that if there was any way to get this cheaper, I would definitely pounce on the chance. The classic curved corner on the screen bring back so many memories from the cottage with the arcade machines there. Everything about this machine screams nostalgia to me, and I love it! the fact that it can play so many platforms baffles me, and how this man has developed it all by himself blows my mind. The sleek look of the finished wood makes it a cool box that isn't an eyesore when traveling with it. I rate it 9/10 from what I've read, and if there was any way I could get it cheaper, I would.

Here is a video explaining it and showing it off: