Xbox One owners aren't the only ones getting access to a free game this weekend. Anyone with Steam and a PC powerful enough to run it can play Absolver for free between now and August 5. Just visit Absolver's Steam page and click "Play Game" to get started.

To encourage anyone who tries the free version to buy the full game, it's currently on sale for half price between now and August 10: you can get the standard edition for $15 / £13 or the deluxe edition for $20 / £15. The deluxe edition comes with the soundtrack and a 52-page digital art book.

Absolver doesn't fit neatly into any one game genre, making it kind of hard to pin down. It's an online multiplayer combat game that pulls ideas freely from deck-building games, open-world RPGs, and more. As you roam the collapsed empire of Adal, you fight enemies and earn ability points you can put into your combat stats. You also gradually learn new moves by fighting opponents who use them. There are 180 moves in the game, which you can use to create your customizable Combat Deck of available moves. Add the right moves to your deck, and you can string together combos of your own creation.

Source: GameSpot