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PlanetSide 2 User Generated Missions Incoming

  1. Selena Gomez
    PlanetSide 2 the highly popular free to play MMOFPS for PC and coming to PSN as well, will feature user generated missions in an update coming in August. What does this mean for users? Well it means that for the players who like to shout out commands and tell others what to do will be able to create their own missions for others to do. But why would somebody want to do a mission that somebody else created you ask? Because you'd get bonus xp for successfully completing that missions.​
    Hold up! What you're telling me is i can finally get something for doing what somebody else wants me to do?!? Yes! That's exactly what I'm telling you. The players who enjoy giving commands can create the missions, and the players who either like taking commands or just want extra XP can help complete those missions. But I'm confused how this will work? Well SOE has provided some examples of how these missions could be setup:​
    Myself being a big PlanetSide 2 fan and player i'm eagerly awaiting for this update/mission system to become a reality. As i enjoy giving helpful and useful commands to win the battles, this will surely help that to be accomplished since now other players will actually have another reason to help complete the task at hand and eventually win the battle.​
    What are your thoughts on this? Does anybody else here play PlanetSide 2 as well and how do you feel about this? Feel free to discuss it and voice your opinion! :smile:

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