Plague Inc: Evolved Infecting the Xbox One This Friday

Plague Inc: Evolved is a game where you play as a virus that must infect the entire world population, starting from one person. Your only opponent...
  1. Feyfolken
    Plague Inc: Evolved is a game where you play as a virus that must infect the entire world population, starting from one person. Your only opponent in the game is the human race as they try to develop a cure for your evil onslaught. You must adapt your disease and figure out ways to spread it as quick as possible in this strangely addicting strategy game.

    Plague Inc: Evolved stems from Plague Inc, a mobile game released for iOS and Android in 2012. The game received great feedback and criticism, and quickly soared in popularity and one of the five games nominated to be IGN's Best Strategy Game of 2012. Developer Ndemic Creations released Plague Inc: Evolved through Steam Early Access in February of last year, and he has announced that the full game will be released this Friday.

    Plague Inc: Evolved will be infecting Xbox One's around the world on September 18, 2015 and it will be available for $14.99.

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  1. RiggleyWiggley
    I would rather play on ios or android for 99 cents
  2. Fanfare
    Everyone forgets it used to be a flash game back before Andriods even released.
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    1. Stonerzard
      Used to be? It still is! I was playing that up until last year
  3. D1G1TAL
    I still play this game and I find it fun. There is a Gamemode to infect people with a Zombie virus :cool:
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  4. Stonerzard
    It's a fun game, but definitely not worth paying for..and definitely not worth getting it on a console imo. It's like Angry Birds. Why pay and play a port of a game when you can get it for free?
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  5. Arxhive
    This time Ebola will win.
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    1. Feyfolken
      Too soon.
    2. Arxhive
      Jet fuel can't cure dank disease.
    3. FormCreeper
      But it can melt steel beams
  6. Wavy
    One of the best mobile phone games I have ever played... Unless it is different and unique compared to the app on mobile, I don't think I will be getting as I already own it.
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    1. Feyfolken

      There are a lot of extra features being added specifically for the Xbox One release. The above link is from the developer's website and it says there will be "9 different disease types, 20 unique scenarios, a hyper-realistic world, and new difficulties and game modes." They also plan to release regular free updates and DLC after its release.
    2. Wavy
      Good then! Might invest.
  7. KingZilla
    Im gonna play this all day XD
  8. TheItalianLad
    Used to play the **** out of this game on the phone, lets hope its even better on the xbox
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    1. Feyfolken
      They're adding loads of features that aren't in the mobile version. Check out the link below and look at the list labeled "Differences from the original."
    2. TheItalianLad
      cheers mate, will defs check it out!
  9. Fogel
    I loved this game on my phone. This is pretty cool. I don't know how good it will be on a console though. May have to try it this one out.
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