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Pixel Vision: Bringing Back Old-School Gaming

Many of us grew up with popular gaming devices such as the Game Boy, Atari, and even the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. It’s back in those times...
  1. God

    Many of us grew up with popular gaming devices such as the Game Boy, Atari, and even the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. It’s back in those times where we could never have pictured an all-in-one device such as this. Introducing the Pixel Vision, a portable on-the-go solution to all of your retro gaming needs. Pocket-sized and inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP, Pixel Vision aims to bring the oldies but goodies back to older gamers looking for a blast to the past.

    The Pixel Vision device will emulate all of the games from some of your favorite retro gaming platforms. You’ll be able to save over 10,000 games on the device, and you can create your own personal library of favorites by importing the games you love via a USB connection. You’ll have up to eight hours of gaming to enjoy per charge, so it’s great for long car rides, especially if you have a portable battery pack to carry along with you. The Pixel Vision is durable as well. It’s exterior is crafted from solid walnut which was given a surface that’s resistant to scratches. It also comes with a soft case to help ensure the user’s gaming experience is kept safe, even in the toughest of conditions.

    Inside of the Pixel Vision lies a Raspberry Pi and the 3.5” monitor you’ll be playing your games on. With a DAC+ audio chip to ensure only the best quality sound is delivered to your ears, and micro switches for the custom directional pad and A+B buttons, Pixel Vision will bring a portable gaming experience like no other to the palms of your hands. Pixel Vision will also use a modified version of Retroarch to allow gamers easy access to multiple in-game options like adjusting the volume, saving and loading their game, resetting it, and more, all by simply using the directional pad and A+B buttons. The developer has also taken the extra stop to bring that old-school feel by having the device simulate the display of an old TV. The Pixel Vision’s display will act like one of the old CRT monitors by using barrel distortion and a soft shader.This will hopefully increase the nostalgia factor the developer is aiming to bring with the Pixel Vision.

    The Pixel Vison will not only emulate multiple Atari and Game Boy models, but the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis and many more retro gaming consoles as well. Currently, there are only 500 regular units planned for sale. Each one with come with a Pixel Vision device, a nano USB flash drive, charging USB cable and soft case. The regular Pixel Vison will cost around $461 for early backers. In addition to this, there will be a special Pearl Editon version made. The Pearl Edition Pixel Visions will come with directional pads crafted from solid brass, black matte panels and a special inlay created from a mother-of-pearl shell veneer. Each one of these special edition Pixel Visions will come signed, numbered, and an official collector's certificate. They'll hit your wallet pretty hard though. Each one will set you back about $807, so if you're not made of money, it's best you go for the regular version.

    The Pixel Vision seem like a pretty good gaming device to invest in if you're a hardcore gamer looking for a nostalgic experience. Make sure to check out the Kickstarter page below to get a look at the specs and all of the retro consoles the Pixel Vision supports!

    Pixel Vision

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    That's cool but I'd rather use the original.
  2. Element18592
    I made something very similar here using a raspberry pi and an original Gameboy DMG

    Very nostalgic and always fun to play.
  3. Apollo
    If only it was out right now... I would instantly buy it...
  4. nicholasbroo
    This is actually quite cool.
  5. aspboss003
  6. aspboss003
  7. LookBroZombies_XBL
    This looks really cool but I couldn't spend that much on one! I hope something like this will eventually come to be mass produced and cost 1/4 the price because then I would absolutely buy one! Nice article too.
  8. VinnyHaw
    99% of the site's members are like 10-18 years old. This quote is bulls***:
    "Many of us grew up with popular gaming devices such as the Game Boy, Atari, and even the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis."
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Lulu
      I'm rather young myself and I grew up with the original GameBoy and the GameBoy color. I also grew up with an old Atari system because my parents had one and an NES because my daycare had one back when I was younger than 10 or so. I'd imagine that a lot of kids grew up with those considering that a majority of this generation became avid gamers.
    3. Crooks
      I had a SNES and I'm only 16.
    4. Aydind
      You need to be 13+ to be able to join the site btw. I grew up when the GameBoy was popular.
  9. Modify
    That doesn't look to appealing to hold.
  10. Red58
    Idk if its just me, but I'm going to feel really old once Xbox360 is considered "old school" in the eyes of others. I still don't even personally consider the Game boy all that old school, especially the GBA.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Red58
      The PS3 is like almost 10 years old already I believe
    3. Lulu

      It's already started, Red. We're getting old.
    4. Red58
      Too true lol