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Phil Spencer's Latest Updates on Xbox


Just a few days ago, Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox was interviewed by Gizmodo Brazil. During this interview he touched base on several subjects regarding the future of Xbox. A few points of interest that were given updates included the decrease in the usage of Kinect, the possibility of a future console or slim Xbox One, and even the idea of creating an Xbox 360 emulator for PC.

After a couple intro questions about Spencer’s background in the gaming industry, they started discussing the current status of the Kinect. Being an extremely popular addition to Xbox One on launch for offering the leisure of voice commands, the Kinect hasn’t been very popular as of late. Now it seems many gamers would rather purchase a console that has a larger hard drive instead of one bundled with a Kinect, making the accessory somewhat lose its allure of ease. When asked if he intended to create any games specifically designed for Kinect, Spencer said that the Xbox One is supported for any developer to make a game utilizing Kinect, but only some decide to actually integrate its features. Spencer lets the devs choose if they want to make Kinect games or not. Therefore, it has in some way put this accessory on hold, as there are currently no future titles in the works.

Something that has been asked by the gaming community for quite some time is if there would be a newer, slim model of the Xbox One. Possibly even with a price reduction. When this topic was brought up, Spencer only had to say that it isn’t something they’re working on at the moment. The main reason being that upgrading and improving the Xbox One is the current main priority. Spencer and Microsoft expect the console to last for quite a while, presumably in the same manner that we saw with the last generation of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. When elaborating on the One’s future improvements, Spencer mentioned focusing on increased internal storage, limited edition consoles, and component upgrades such as the additions that were seen with the Xbox One Elite. No such luck for a slim model just yet.

Lastly, the idea was brought up about someday playing Xbox 360 games on PC, and possibly even creating an emulator to do so. Spencer has said this idea is not currently undergoing production, as their team is more fixated on wrapping up backwards compatibility for Xbox One. But, the emulator has not been completely ruled out for some time in the future. For those of you that don’t know, this idea has already been attempted last year. Ben Vanik has created the software known as Project Xenia, an experimental emulator which is still collecting research data to further its production. Last year Xenia successfully played Frogger 2, among a few other arcade style games off of PC. Although the games responded fairly slow, Ben had said Xenia was working through a debug interpreter and would run at full speed as development had continued. You can check out the current status of Project Xenia here.

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