In celebration of surpassing 4 million players worldwide, Paladins developer, Hi-Rez, has announced a new community tournament offering a prizepool of $10,000 for each competing region.

Originally announced for North America and Europe only, Evie’s Winter Classic has been expanded to Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), Latin America, Brazil, and Russia, bringing the total prize pool for the tournament to $60,000 worldwide.

“Paladins has a thriving community full of people who not only play Paladins themselves, but love to watch others play at a competitive level,” said Dan McHugh, Esports Manager of Hi-Rez Studios, in a press release this morning. “Every week there are new Paladins players making names for themselves, and this tournament will provide the rising stars of the growing Paladins community a chance to show their skills.”

Evie’s Winter Classic runs from November 14 to December 19. Players can download the open beta on PC via the official website, or on Steam. Interested console players should sign-up for the closed beta on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Hi-Rez head, Todd Harris, recently came to the defence of Paladins, claiming it is not an Overwatch clone. To learn more about Paladins, check out this introductory video from Hi-Rez representatives.

Source: GameSpot