Blizzard has updated the official Overwatch website with new story details alluding to Doomfist, a character fans have been wanting for some time now. Although Blizzard has historically been cagey about whether he will appear in the game, the new lore drop certainly suggests fans could be getting what they've asked for.

"Three months after initial reports of an incident at Helix Security International's classified maximum security installation, a more complete picture of what happened has emerged," reads the post. "Information and details of what happened were scarce as has been any news from the installation, said to be a prison for the world's most dangerous threats.

"However, after recent events in Numbani, it can now be confirmed that what occurred was an attack by the Talon organization with the express purpose of freeing one man: Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist."

The post goes on to recount how Doomfist was broken out of prison by "a black shadowy figure," who is believed to be Reaper.

"After escaping from the facility, Helix lost track of Ogundimu until he resurfaced in Numbani, where he clashed with the newly introduced OR15 defense robots at the Adawe International Terminal, easily destroying them and reclaiming the Doomfist."

Doomfist is named after the incredibly powerful gauntlet the figure wields. It rumored that this weapon is capable of levelling skyscrapers. In official Overwatch canon the Doomfist moniker has been carried by three people; the first was referred to as "The Savior," the second "The Scourge," and third "The Successor." Ogundimu is the current Doomfist, and believed to be aligned with Overwatch's villains.

In February Blizzard updated the public test realm version of Overwatch and, in the attack team's spawn point, you can see the aftermath of Doomfist's Numbani attack, as mentioned above. This ignited speculation that he could be the next character Blizzard adds to the game.

It may be that the character makes his debut at Gamescom, which takes place from August 22 to August 26. Blizzard unveiled a new map called Eichenwalde at the event in 2016, so it has a history of making big reveals at the events.

The Overwatch community has rallied around Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews, requesting Blizzard cast him as the voice actor for Doomfist. For his part, Crews has expressed his interest in being involved, going so far as to create a Doomfist audition video.

Source: GameSpot