Overwatch Open Beta and Release Date Announced

Originally Blizzard never planned to announce the official release date for Overwatch. Nonetheless, IGN released the date on their website, and a...
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    Blizzard has made an array of popular titles such as Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and the Diablo series. Currently, Blizzard has an upcoming title in the works, called Overwatch. If you don’t already know what Overwatch is, it is essentially a team-based, first person shooter where heroes battle it out in a world of conflict. However, Blizzard claims the game will be more than the concept of simply shooting each other, as it will have a lot of objective-based goals. Blizzard also says “We learned a lot from when we first entered the MMO genre with World of Warcraft, hopefully those lessons help with the overall creation of Overwatch.”

    Originally Blizzard never planned to announce the official release date for Overwatch. Nonetheless, IGN released the date on their website, and a few hours later Blizzard confirmed that the information was indeed true. They also shared some details for an open beta for the title. The open beta will have two periods before the actual release of the game. Everyone that preordered the game will have access to the open beta on May 3rd and May 4th. Those that haven’t preordered will still have a chance to play, but they will have to wait until May 5th. With that second period of the beta ending May 9th.
    With Overwatch's release only two months away, there is still plenty of things Blizzard can do before its release. Blizzard isn't a company that usually releases shooters, hence why their last shooter was made in 1997. Blizzard is a company that has a huge emphasis on approachability and appealingness with their titles, and this is a characteristic that they plan to live up to for many years to come. There has been some popularity with this new game since its last beta, so it could prove to be a hit title for many fans. Overwatch will be released on May 24th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. If you plan to preorder the game, you must do so before April 29th.


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  1. televisedfool
    Beta starts the same day Battleborn comes out.. Coincidence? I don't think so :devil:

    Don't really lIke the look of the game but I'll try the beta anyways.
  2. Wavy
    Kankuro Another one for me :biggrin:

    Gameplay looks really cool! It reminds me a lot of specialists in BO3 with the rewind your position and explosive compound bow. Can't wait, I'll definitely be trying this out.

    FrostyBot my dude! Great article.
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    1. Frosty
      Glad you enjoyed it man!
  3. Chazay
    The gameplay i've seen so far is amzaing
  4. zlReborn
    Tbh the graphics looks like borderlands 1,2 on TV. But it still looks good.
  5. punckhole
    I am definitely gonna get my hands on this.
  6. 3xTiNcT
    Looks cool, gonna have to play the beta.
  7. TheItalianLad
    Really looking forward to playing the beta. This game looks crazy fun and I am 100% sure that this will be the next big thing. It has the same idea as TF2 I reckon.