There’s a new Overwatch map now available for Windows PC players to test out, and though it’s called “Oasis,” it looks like anything but peaceful. The control-type area is a metropolitan setting, and that means heroes have more urban hazards to watch out for.

As seen above, the Oasis map has plenty of cars speeding around its highways. These cars aren’t just for show, however; they can actually hurt more reckless players.

Just as in real life, Overwatch players who want to stay alive during a match are advised to look both ways before crossing the street. Also unique to this map are jump pads, which may help maneuvering around the map to avoid an unfortunate traffic fatality.

While Oasis is just available on the PC’s Public Test Realm for now, Blizzard Entertainment told the crowd at BlizzCon 2016 earlier this month that they can expect to try it out on all platforms in December. That gives console players ample time to study up on the rules of the road.

Also still to come is the redesigned Symmetra, whose new skills are available for testing on PC. Blizzard is still working on tweaking the character, who now has two ultimate abilities, before releasing her update to all players.

Source: Polygon