Overwatch’s wall-riding DJ, Lúcio Correia dos Santos, is coming to Heroes of the Storm as a playable character, Blizzard Entertainment announced today. Lúcio will be the third Overwatch character to join Blizzard’s crossover multiplayer online battle arena game. Blizzard said on Twitter that players will be able to preview Lúcio in Heroes of the Storm’s public test realm “soon.” A peek at Lúcio in action can be seen in the gameplay teaser video posted above.

Overwatch players will find Lúcio’s abilities in Blizzard’s MOBA mostly unchanged, though he has a new ability called Reverse Amp that damages and slows the enemy team. Lúcio joins fellow Overwatch characters Tracer and Zarya as part of Heroes of the Storm’s roster, which also includes characters from Blizzard’s Diablo, StarCraft, The Lost Vikings and Warcraft franchises.

Wall Ride (D)

When moving alongside impassable terrain, Lúcio can walk through other units, and his Movement Speed is increased by 20%. This effect stacks with other Movement Speed bonuses.

Basic Abilities

Soundwave (Q)

Deal damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area and knock them back.

Crossfade (W)

Play one of two tracks that passively provide allied Heroes with either a Speed Boost or a Healing Boost in a large radius around you. Activate Crossfade to swap tracks.

  • Healing Boost: Restore a small amount of Health every second to Lúcio and nearby allied Heroes.
  • Speed Boost: Increase the Movement Speed of Lúcio and nearby allied Heroes by 15%.

Amp It Up (E)

Raise Lúcio’s Crossfade track volume for 3 seconds, amping Speed Boost to 45% increased Movement Speed, and significantly increasing the Healing rate of Healing Boost.

Heroic Abilities

Sound Barrier (R)

After 1 second, Lúcio and nearby allied Heroes gain a massive Shield that rapidly decays over the next 6 seconds.

Reverse Amp (R)

Blast Lúcio’s Crossfade track at enemy Heroes for 4 seconds, causing Healing Boost to inflict damage every second, and Speed Boost to Slow Movement Speed by 45%.

Passive: Increase Amp It Up’s duration to 4 seconds.

Source: Polygon