Like clockwork, another free PC game is available from the Epic Games Store this week, replacing last week's offering, Last Day of June. The game in question is Overcooked, the critically acclaimed co-op cooking simulator from Ghost Town Games that spawned an equally good sequel, Overcooked 2. Now until July 11, the original Overcooked is completely free to claim and keep--all you need to do is create a free Epic account (if you don't already have one) and add it to your library.

Overcooked's premise is quite simple: You and up to three friends will take control of chefs working together in a kitchen to cook recipes assigned to you by the game. Sounds cute and relaxing, right? Now throw in a few kitchen fires, shifting stages, a beeping timer that indicates you're about to miss an order, and dirty dishes piling up as you and your friends stumble around and bump into each other. Mastering Overcooked's obstacles requires constant communication and strategic delegation of tasks, and you'll be ranked on a three-star system based on how efficiently your team clears the level. You need at least one star to move forward.

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Source: GameSpot