Recently, King, the developing studio of the hit game Candy Crush Saga, has filed for some quite outrageous trademark claims. King is filing for the words "candy" and "saga." While these words may seem reasonable due to their direct relation to the game's title, Candy Crush Saga, the applications of the words applied for, are quite appalling.

The word "candy" is being trademarked for use in the following ways "computer game software, casino and gambling facilities, headwear, stockings, waistcoats, jukeboxes, baby monitors and spectacle cases. " The second trademark claim, "saga" was filed directly to prevent the filing by Stoic Games for their game The Banner Saga. Interesting enough, The Banner Saga could not be anymore different than Candy Crush Saga. Stoic Games released a statement saying:
"Two years ago, the three of us at Stoic set out to make an epic viking game: The Banner Saga," it reads. "We did, and people loved it, so we're making another one. We won't make a viking saga without the word 'saga,' and we don't appreciate anyone telling us we can't.

Personally, I really think King is going way to far in their trademark claims. Some of the applications are completely understandable, for example: computer gaming software, casino and gambling facilities. However, most of the other applications are completely absurd! Baby monitors, stockings, waistcoats, jukeboxes, spectacle cases, etc. Baby monitors really struck me the most, I cannot fathom why King would be concerned with baby monitor manufacturers trying to implement the Candy Crush Saga game into their products. Additionally the filing for the second word was in direct spite against Stoic Games for The Banner Saga, which has literally no relation whatsoever to Candy Crush Saga.

What are your thoughts on the filings? Do you agree with the claims, or do you find yourself questioning King's concern with the baby monitor industry?