Onrush, the new action-racing game from the creators behind MotorStorm and DriveClub, will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 5, developer Codemasters announced today. Players will get a chance to try out Onrush for themselves in May when Codemasters will hold an open beta.

A new trailer for Onrush included above, shows off the game’s gladiatorial racing action, which should appeal to fans of the MotorStorm series from the PlayStation 3 era.

On Codemasters’ blog, the developer revealed that there will be eight vehicle classes in Onrush: Blade, Outlaw, Vortex, Charger, Interceptor, Dynamo, Titan and Enforcer. Each class has its own style, handling and abilities, Codemasters said.

“These unique attributes will be key to RUSHing your team to victory, especially in online competition; where tactics are key,” the developer explained. “Some abilities are more tailored for the offensive-minded – those of you who have a bit of rage built up and want to inflict devastating takedowns on your rivals. For the more Florence Nightingale among you, support abilities are also hugely important in clinching the victory.”

In a separate post, Codemasters confirmed that a PC version of Onrush is in the works. It will arrive sometime after the console versions ship in June. A Nintendo Switch version of the game, however, is not currently in development. Codemasters also confirmed that split-screen multiplayer and wheel support won’t be available at launch, though it’s looking at both features. Don’t expect any VR support, however. Codemasters said: “Onrush is all about speed, verticality and over-the-top takedowns. All of which just wouldn’t work in VR, unfortunately – unless you like feeling sick! However, if you REALLY want to experience Onrush in VR, we suggest you sit inside your washing machine during a cycle!”

Source: Polygon