OnePlus 2 Going Invite-Free

Are you in the market for a new phone? Would you like a solid phone but you'd rather avoid paying hefty amounts of cash? Well if that's the case...
  1. Crooks

    If you have been keeping up to date with the smartphone industry for even these last few months, then chances are that you've probably heard of the OnePlus 2, also known as the "2016 Flagship Killer". The reason it's also known as that because the company behind it, OnePlus, strive to make a fairly competitive phone, in terms of the industry standards, while keeping costs down. This results in an amazing cost to performance ratio. This all sounds great right? Well there's a twist. You could only obtain the OnePlus 2 if you signed up for the invite program and then were invited. The entire system was basically luck of the draw. This had been in place ever since the OnePlus was released, and it was only dropped for the OnePlus 1 earlier this year. This is all going to change now, because OnePlus have announced that they will permanently be dropping the invite system for the OnePlus 2 starting at midnight on December 5th.

    So expanding on what I mentioned earlier, the OnePlus line of phones are generally crafted to maintain good levels of performance for a cheaper price. The OnePlus 2 likes to compare itself to the likes of the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. Although both of those phones certainly have a few breakthrough features that the OnePlus 2 simply cannot support, the phone has been marveled as a great alternative to both of those. My friend actually owns the original OnePlus 1 and he says he really enjoys what it has to offer. To put things into perspective, you can take a look at the specs for the OnePlus 2 here and specs for the Galaxy S6 here.

    Along with this news, OnePlus also went ahead to announce that they will be lifting the invite system off of their newest phone, the OnePlus X, from December 5th through to the 7th. They also stated that various accessories and cases will also be on sale from anywhere from 10% off to 90% off. What do you think? Would you consider the OnePlus 2 a worthy contender in the likes of the S6 and iPhone 6? Will you be buying this phone? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. BitTorrent
    This is convenient, i need a new phone.
  2. SaraPwns
    Tbh it's just another gimic, everyone at first will be like omg this is so cheap and it does nearly exactly what it says on apples and samsungs tin, then realise that it lacks a lot of stuff that apple and Samsung recieve, so they let go of it and get a Samsung or apple product, vicious cycle but so true
  3. TheItalianLad
    It may be a bit faster than the galaxyS6 but the Samsung pretty much beats it in everything else.
    1. Stonerzard
      The S6 only slightly beats it in pretty much everything else. The price difference would be enough for me to wager the OnePlus 2 into my pocket, they're too similar for such a big gap in the price tag.
  4. K _
    This is outrageous!!! If it's not Apple or Samsung then it must be bad!!!
    -Every Person Ever
  5. televisedfool
    I have never actually heard of this brand before.. Are they actually reliable and real competition to samsung and apple phones? I don't really trust reviews and especially not advertisements. Much prefer to hear an honest opinion from an owner of the product.
    1. Crooks
      Yes they are a very reputable brand. I was actually very close to purchasing the OnePlus X last week. A close friend of mine had also purchased the OnePlus 1 earlier this year and he was generally impressed with the phone. I am also sure that NixFifty actually received an invite for the OnePlus X.
  6. Ephemera
    They took off core features for a somewhat lower price. I'll pass.
    1. Flater