Battlefield 4 is expected to release on the 29th of October, where it'll be available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. They have also revealed that players will be able to use smartphones and tablets with the game; for example using a smartphone to open a map and other things in-game. I personally have always been a die-hard Call of Duty fan, but now seeing this trailer has changed my mind about this game. This game looks insanely fun with all the new work they have added!​

Some Mechanics of Battlefield 4:​
You lose the remainder of ammo in your clip if you reload when the clip is not fully empty - a feature that'll surely annoy many fans. Also, when you spawn in, it will take a second to a second in a half for your weapons to be ready to use. This will keep you from aiming at your enemy while you are invulnerable so you don't have a big advantage over the other player. Suppression is also back in Battlefield 4, but its effect is reduced with certain weapons. What do you guys think?​