October Games With Gold

Baseball, off-road racing, prison breaks, and post-apocalyptic survival. October's free offerings have something for almost everybody.
  1. Dito
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    October is almost here, which means Microsoft has announced the schedule for next month’s Games With Gold freebies.

    October 1 begins with the well-reviewed arcade baseball game Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings (Xbox One only). Xbox 360 owners can get their off-road racing fix with MX vs ATV Reflex. Xbox One owners can grab this also, as it’s part of the Backwards Compatibility program.

    The middle of the month - October 16 - sees the free offer of another well-reviewed game, the pixel-art prison escape simulator The Escapists (Xbox One only). Finishing up the month is the Xbox 360’s atmospheric post-apocalyptic thriller I Am Alive (also backwards compatible for Xbox One).

    For a quick look at of all four of October’s free games, here’s Microsoft’s promotional video:

    If you’re wondering if these are worth your download time, here’s a quick rundown of their scores on Steam:
    • Super Mega Baseball: 9/10
    • MX vs ATV Reflex: 9/10
    • The Escapists: 9/10
    • I Am Alive: 6/10
    With one minor exception, October looks to be a pretty good month for Xbox Gold subscribers. Let us know which of these you’re looking forward to in the comments below.

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  1. Dabs
    Makes me want to get a playstation....
  2. 3xTiNcT
    Only going to download them because they're free...
    1. Dabs
  3. WWE
    At least PSN will give out some faboulous games as long as you keep renewing PSN Plus. These Games with Gold makes me want to cancel my Xbox subscription.
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  4. Skyler
    This is the absolute worst month for the "Games For Gold" program thus far.
      sirprize10 likes this.
  5. Dabs
    Lame games how could microsoft do this to me?!!!!!
  6. goss34
    When Microsoft is cheap AF
      sirprize10 and televisedfool like this.
  7. Kankuro
    Ughhh, what are you doing Xbox..where are the good games like you had when you first started Games With Gold? :/
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    2. Kankuro
      Time hates me.
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    3. Apollo
      I'd definitely recommend picking up TLoU or watching a play through of it. I'm usually not into story driven games, but that game is one of my only exceptions.
    4. Kankuro
      Apollo I think my only exception would be TT Borderlands.
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  8. Viitri
    I'll be definitely downloading The Escapists and maybe even MX vs ATV Reflex.
  9. televisedfool
    Another month of games I have no interest in. :thumbsdown:
      sirprize10 likes this.