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Nvidia's 1000 Series Revealed

PC enthusiasts have had their minds blown when Nvidia announced their Pascal series, including the GTX 1070 and 1080, respectively. Both of these...
  1. Deadpool
    Just a few days ago, on the 6th, Nvidia took the stage to reveal their Pascal series of cards coming out this year. The GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 were revealed with their respective release dates and corresponding specs, and Nvidia's showcase and demonstration certainly left the crowd and viewers ecstatic, to say the least. The details and specs accompanying these cards are leaving their predecessors in the dust, and here's what that statement is based on.

    The 1080 for instance, is this iteration's powerhouse and it goes without saying, it's a force to be reckoned with. Take the Titan X for example, what's arguably one of the most powerful cards on the market right now, strip its 250-watt power consumption down to 180-watt, reduce its price from $999 down to $599, and then on top of it all, add more power and speed to it, and now you've got yourself a GTX 1080. To quote the CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsung-Huang, "The GeForce GTX 1080 is almost irresponsible amounts of power." It's also boasting three times the power efficiency and twice the VR capabilities and performance of a Titan X. The 1080 features 8gb of GDDR5X RAM and 9.5 teraflops, and it has a 10gbps memory speed and clocks in with a stock speed of 1607mhz and a boost clock of 1733mhz, with plenty of headroom for overclocking. This beast of a graphics card will drop on May 27th.

    Next up we have the GTX 1070, a card selling for a "mere" $379 and it's sporting 8gb of GDDR5 RAM and 6.5 teraflops. The 1070 isn't getting quite as much attention, it's worth mentioning how power-efficient this card is, it only consumes a minute 150-watts. This card will be launching a bit later, that being the 10th of June, though these are expected to sell out instantly.

    These cards that were just announced essentially render the 9xx series obsolete and have left many upset from just purchasing 980s or 980 TIs. I myself plan on getting a 1070 in the future, though there is no word on the release date of non reference cards, so who knows how long that will be. Regardless, Nvidia has certainly made some major strides in the game and hopefully AMD can keep up, we'll be hearing from them soon, though. For those who feel inclined, you can read more intensive specs that I failed to mention, here.

    Will you be making the jump to the 1000 series with Nvidia? Perhaps, waiting to see what AMD has in store, instead? Chime in below.

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  1. IJayI
    I'm drooling!
    1. hoopsure
      And when it's cheaper and better than the best out there you start pouring drool.
      JJ101089 likes this.
  2. televisedfool
    Must resist the urge to upgrade.. :oops: Troubles of pc gaming.
      hoopsure likes this.
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    2. hoopsure
      I would need to upgrade my entire PC to get that equipment.

      (My PC) http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04058835
    3. televisedfool
      As I said.. troubles of pc gaming. I mean, I love my pc. But at least my console doesn't have a upgrade coming out like every year or two for it. x3 Not that it's a necessity to upgrade.. But it the allure of that extra beefyness is tempting.
      hoopsure likes this.
    4. hoopsure
      The problem starts when you don't have the money to upgrade and you try to anyways.
  3. 3xTiNcT
    If I ever build a pc maybe I'll have to get one of these.
  4. redlinegamer
    I have 3 years left till I can afford a gaming pc:frown:
  5. Four Quid
    I just purchased the Gigabyte 980ti last month........ Think I will sell that and get the new 1080 just because it looks amazing, and is slightly better...
  6. ZacOnCrac
    I'd buy the 1080 just to hang on my wall, it's, beautiful
  7. XeXLosSantos
    I'm sitting over here with my GTX 290...
  8. goss34
    Why is the 1070 so much cheaper than a Titan?
    1. hoopsure
      Cause they realized that price matters and they will make more sales if it's cheaper.
    2. denz
      Titan was not made for gaming. It was made for rendering/computations.
  9. Harry
    That is just ridiculous (in a good way!), how on earth could Nvidia just throw something like this out there? Something with such power and such capability is unbelievable, then to come out and say how they're a fraction of the price of a Titan X :what:

    I'm gobsmacked at this! I only forked out for my R9 390 last October, is it too soon to upgrade? Lol.
    1. denz
      Titan was not made for gaming. It was made for rendering/computations.
      Harrrry likes this.
  10. Red58
    Would getting 2 be overkill?
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    2. Noobert
      Deadpool Maybe I'll sell one Titan, and give the other away on here.

      I haven't decided yet.
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    3. Lulu
      inb4 Gop wins
      Noobert likes this.
    4. Deadpool
      I don't think Noobert would let gop win lmao.
      Noobert likes this.