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No Matter Studios Reveal Prey for the Gods


Not many game developers have attempted to tackle a title in which the main enemies are colossal beasts that need to be strategically taken out. Although, a few that did take a shot at this idea have become highly successful in titles such as Shadow of the Colossus, and the God of War series. Now, the small group of developers at No Matter Studios are looking to expand upon this style of game with their debut title Prey for the Gods.

No Matter studios was formed just last September by three game developers who have been working tirelessly ever since to produce the game they’ve always wanted in Prey for the Gods. In less than a year, they have created a great looking game that can certainly keep up with many of the outstanding titles that have been released as of recently. Prey for the Gods will take place on an island where winter came, and never left. The main protagonist will be a lone hero, on a quest to find out why winter never ends on this ominous island. Throughout the wintry landscape you will encounter gargantuan beasts that are living Gods, who will try to eliminate you whenever they get a chance. Arriving with no equipment or weapons, you will have to find your own ways to survive. While simultaneously forming a gameplan on how to take down the colossal creatures that roam the land.

Prey for the Gods’ reveal trailer and screenshots boast some pretty impressive graphics and mechanics for a debut title. Along with a seemingly open-world environment to explore. Not much else is known on this new game regarding a release date and other details of the like, as No Matter studios haven’t revealed a whole lot just yet. Although, they have said that Prey for the Gods will be coming to Windows and Mac, without any announcement on a possible launch for consoles.







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