Do you enjoy Sci-Fi? Games? Exploration? Well No Man's Sky can hit all the right places, announced during E3 a while back, it's probably one of the most anticipated games of 2015, with videos of gameplay displaying stunning graphics paired with avast and diverse worlds, yes you read correctly 'Worlds'. No Man's Sky can be seen as a sandbox by some due to its free roam concept, and it could be compared to games such as Far Cry 4 or Skyrim because of this.

You can take hold of your player and explore the varied planets that can be found as you blast through space in your own Spaceship, landing on planets with new animals, new behaviors and new threats. Experience one of the most breath taking games as you see things from Dinosaur-like creatures to robotic mechanisms, it's clear to say that there is plenty to explore. The developers of the game from British Studio 'Hello Games' have spent a mammoth amount of time adding the 'small details', one of the developers claimed that the 'animals' have different personalities so to speak. They won't just stay at the watering hole sipping up water for an eternity, they will only go there for a brief moment and then wander off to do something else. Even animals of the same species are different to each other some will attack some won't, and although no severe detail of the game has been shown it's clear to say that this will be a true contender.

But this game isn't all about exploring and discovering, it is also about battling! You choose your own fate in this game, you may feel the need to join a nearby Pirate fleet that is in the middle of desolating a planet, or you feel like attacking them with a herd of Spaceships so you can take control or save a few lives. The game has made a clear point that it isn't all about the planets near you or far from you it's also about the journey there and the inconveniences you may run into or choose to run into.





But this isn't like any other game you've seen before with an open world, no sir, you see I've saved the best till last. You may feel, "Oh I'm sure I'll master this game after a few months I'll know the planets from the back of my hand." Well this is where I reveal to you probably the best feature of this game you see No Man's Sky is an "infinite procedurally generated universe." Which means these planets are GENERATED they're not Pre-Crafted, you experience the journey in a completely different way to your friends, you may be put in a System where one animal is incredibly rare and to your friends it's vermin, and one planet may have rare resources and the other has next to nothing, so if those previous features didn't knock your socks off then this should have!


In terms of MULTIPLAYER, not much has been said or revealed by the indie developers but it is said that players will be scattered to the ends of the galaxy bumping into one another either becoming allies or foes, being a First Person game it is imminent that conflict will occur, with players blasting their plasma blaster like guns at each other or spraying at each other with colourful lasers in the dark atmosphere of space.

What makes this so fantastic for you PlayStation 4 owners is No Man's Sky comes exclusively to the PS4, and recently announced it's also coming to the PC but it comes first for the SONY Fans. The release date for the game is currently unknown but it's coming out sometime in mid-2015.
You may also be interested to hear that the game has won 3 Game critics awards:

Best Original Game
Best Independent Game
Special Commendation for Innovation

It's hard to believe that an Indie studio have made this game with such detail and features one can only wonder how they managed to pull it off.

So after reading this do you plan on getting No Man's Sky? I know I will be, I cherish games such as these as rare as they come by. I'm very motivated to get on the multiplayer as scouring the universe for my friends would be somewhat of a Sci-Fi classic, the animals is something else that has me blown away I can't wait to strap on my suit and go exploring through the jungles and mountains for rare and almost unknown species.