No Man's Sky Released on PS4 With Massive Update

The highly anticipated sandbox game No Man's Sky released late last night for PlayStation 4 owners. Developer Hello Games also released a day one...
  1. Feyfolken

    No Man's Sky has been appearing on more and more people's radars and wish lists in the months leading up to its release, and for good reason. Hello Games has tried to do what many could not: create a simple and intuitive space exploration MMO. Many have tried but have only proven how difficult it can be to create a game where flying through space requires complicated flight controls and steep learning curves. No Man's Sky prides itself on the sheer amount of content in the game: more than 18 quintillion planets to explore, with incentives coming from the Atlas, a universal database intended for explorers to consult with and sell their own information and findings to. Along the way, each planet has its own ecosystem, environment, and species inhabiting it.

    These are just a few of the reasons why many have been anticipating the release of No Man's Sky, which was little over 12 hours for PlayStation 4 owners. It released at midnight EDT and will likely follow suit for PC gamers.

    One might think that, with all this content, Hello Games would ship the game as is, but they would be dead wrong according to a developer post on the No Man's Sky website. It's astounding that the developers were able to add so much and improve on so many features since the game "finished" its development stage.

    Some additions include a changed generation algorithm, designed to force more diversity between planets and even larger bodies in space; this change also makes galaxies up to 10x larger. Creatures are now even more interactive than before as they now have diets and more functions as pets. Trading has been improved on, as has terrain generation and graphical effects on every planet. The scope of this update is massive and it would be best to read the full change log, courtesy of

    No Man's Sky released on August 9 for PlayStation 4 owners and will be releasing on August 12 on Steam and for Windows. It is available for $60.

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  1. Luke Drax Skyryder
    Warning: No Man’s Sky's PC port is broken and buggy.
    If u have already brought it, then return it. If u have even tried it then its too late!
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    2. Luke Drax Skyryder
      yeah... that's one thing. I also checked it. I always use Steam, so, there's not much problem
    3. Skepta
      What bugs? Been running fine for me.
    4. Feyfolken
      About half of the people who purchased it on PC weren't able to launch it and if they were able to, they would crash or suffer huge frame drops. Someone on Reddit confirmed that it's having issues with SSE 4.1; HG didn't add SSE 4.1 support which is an instruction set for Intel and AMD CPUs. It seems that that's the largest of many issues with the game right now. Thousands have reported unrelated crashing.
  2. Wavy
    Already bought it for PC and can't wait, despite the reviews of others.
      Luke Drax Skyryder and Skepta like this.
    1. Skepta
      Less than 1 hour for me xD
  3. CallummL
    So I'm going to have my quick say on No Man's Sky. Initially, I wasn't going to buy it. I thought it'd be repeitive and get boring after a couple of days, and I was absolutely right. It wasn't till Monday I decided I was going to buy it, and it was only because I was bored of all my other games and fancied something a little bit different. So far, I've flown to a couple different planets and mined some stuff and been shot at by Sentinals. "Creatures are now more interactive". Not from what I have seen. I've fed one and it followed me for a few seconds then left and the rest, well they just run away before I couldn't even do anything. I don't really know what I was expecting from this game, but I really thought it would offer more. I'm not completely giving up on it though. I want to follow the main questline and complete it. They also said they wanted to bring some sort of base building option into the game which I'd love to see. But to be honest, everyone who has asked me if they should get it, I've told them no.
      Alesana likes this.
  4. Incorporated
    Wish it would be released on XBO, sick and tired of exclusives.
  5. High School
    Im glad I waited on this game as people are already bored of it :tongue:
    1. Froudey
      Yep, returning my copy tomorrow
  6. Skepta
    Pre-ordered it for £26 so going to have to give the a go on pc when it is released, the other good thing is the free updates they will carry on bringing out.
  7. 3xTiNcT
    Decided to wait to get this because it doesn't seem like it will be fun for long...
  8. TheItalianLad
    Wait, isn't this for Xbox?
    1. BreakdowN
      Nah, PS4 and PC.
      Feyfolken likes this.
  9. April 1udgate
    Need to wait until saturday to get my copy
  10. BreakdowN
    I'm already bored of it. Flying from planet to planet is the only cool thing about this game. Gathering materials for survival for the sole purpose of traveling to the center of the universe just isn't enough for me. It's a cool concept at heart, but I feel the game hardly delivers in anything else.
      Froudey likes this.
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    2. BreakdowN
      Yeah, I put like an hour into it and I already can tell what kinda game it is and it's just not for me. The spaceship flying is pretty damn cool, and hopefully they'll improve the game. If the combat was better and had an actual story worth following I might be able to stick with it.
    3. Feyfolken
      Yeah, that's a drawback of sandbox games which, as far as I can tell, NMS is one. Elite: Dangerous is the same thing. Fly through space and do whatever you want to do with realistic and dynamic flight controls and pirates/bounty hunters. Cool concepts, but there tends to be a lack of incentive and drive to do things after awhile.

      NMS seems to offer a lot more, though, so maybe it will be 'just right' for me. I tend to like sandbox games.
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    4. BreakdowN
      And the look of the game was great too. I was reading another review and it apparently gets better after a good 20 hours or so of game play. So, seems I need to put some time into it.