The open beta for Nioh 2, the sequel to 2017's Samurai-souls experience Nioh, is now live on the PlayStation Store. Nioh 2's open beta clocks in at 12.51 GB and runs from November 1-10. It's free for all PlayStation 4 owners to download and can be played either solo or in two- to three-player online co-op. Of course, accessing the game's online features requires an active PS Plus membership.​

The open beta gives you the chance to test out Nioh 2's revamped combat system, in addition to new weapons like Switchglaive and an extensive character creator. With the new Yokai powers, you will trek through two levels and face-off against two very tough bosses. Completing Nioh 2's open beta nets you The Mark of the Demon Slayer, a reward which unlocks the Kamaitachi Helmet for use in the full game.

Developer Team Ninja revealed that Nioh 2 launches on March 13, 2020. Pre-orders for the action-adventure RPG are now open on PS4. Picking up the Deluxe Edition scores you the game's season pass, three separate pre-order avatars, a PS4 theme, an armor set, and a charm--all for $80 USD.

Those who missed the original Nioh and have an active PS Plus subscription can pick up the 2017 title for free as part of November's PS Plus lineup. You can begin downloading Nioh on November 5 and the deal lasts all through the month.

Source: GameSpot