Nintendo Switch users face hardware issues on launch day

  1. Allegra Frank

    Several Nintendo Switch owners are already reporting a variety of hardware issues with their new devices, including bricked consoles and busted consoles. Images of Switch units with blue and orange “screens of death” are piling up on social media alongside other, smaller complaints, giving some expectant buyers a cause for concern.

    Nintendo launched the Switch worldwide today, and it’s worth noting that these kinds of problems aren’t uncommon. With any major hardware launch — Nintendo is shipping 2 million Switch consoles this month — a few unlucky customers are bound to end up with units that are defective in some way. It’s also difficult to get a sense of how widespread the individual issues are.

    Pictures of Nintendo Switch hardware with error screens are circulating online, showing the console in an unplayable state. A Reddit user who posted about his bricked console said that, after speaking to Nintendo’s customer support, he had no option but to replace the system.


    Neither Nintendo nor Switch owners have yet pinpointed a cause for the issue, although there are some ideas. Reddit users speculated on whether the blue screen is the result of the required day-one update or a hardware defect; it’s not clear which is the case, although the latter seems more likely.

    Owners who have experienced the similar orange screen, another rare issue, it seems, say it’s occurred randomly, but Reddit users have found a fix: Rebooting the system by holding down the power button seems to solve the screen problem.

    It’s not clear if that’s the primary solution, however. It also doesn’t work for the blue screen problem, nor did it solve a problem another Switch owner had with a flickering screen. He had to get a replacement, too.

    Another hardware issue has to do with the Switch’s dock, not the device itself. Glixel reports that after a week of “daily use,” the site’s Switch bears a number of scratches on its screen. To be clear, the scratches appeared on the lower left part of the bezel, not on the screen itself.

    Glixel’s investigation found that the issue seems to be the design of the dock’s interior. Because there’s no soft lining or padding there, players who slide the Switch into the dock with poor aim may miss the USB-C port in the center. “Juggling the device into the slot (even carefully) eventually scrapes it against the hard insides of the dock, resulting in little hairline scratches that start to build up over time,” said Glixel.

    We noticed an issue with Nintendo’s official screen protector for the Switch. When we tried to apply it, it came up a little short on both the left and right sides of the unit’s screen. This was the screen protector that came with Nintendo’s Switch carrying case, which costs $19.99 and can hold five game cartridges.

    Of course, the more persistent issue with the Switch is the dreaded connectivity problem with the left Joy-Con controller. Nintendo told Polygon today that “we have received some reports and are looking into it,” and the company also added a page to its support site about this exact issue. That page recommends removing or turning off devices that could interfere with the Switch’s Bluetooth connection to the controllers, suggesting that the problem is a hardware issue.

    Source: Polygon

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  1. Killercacciatore
    People insulting Nintendo and the none of Microsoft or Sony consoles had any Launch Day Problems
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    2. Bweiss
      WWE you do realize that the hardware in Nintendo's product is not the same as that in the PS4 or the Xbox One? Your post implies that Nintendo could have learned from MSFT's or Sony's mistakes, which is not possible due to the different hardware.

      Yes, MSFT and Sony may have fixed their launch day issues almost 4 years ago, but Nintendo is launching now and will have it's own set of launch day issues. Had they launched when the Xbox One and PS4 launched, it wouldn't be the Nintendo Switch.
    3. WWE
      I know the Switch not the same as the Xbox one or the PS4. I'm not saying anything negative about it. I'm just stating all, if not all, most consoles have launch day issues.
    4. xXBeefyDjXx
      I think you guys seem to forget that the Wii U was the current generation spark, then came xbox one and ps4, Then switch being the next gen for Nintendo, which will spark m$ to make a move as sony have upgraded the PS4....

      All technology is bound to have issues, especially with some 2 million devices launched.
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  2. Shalour
    I will probably wait until the price drops to $200 and when there is more games. Hopefully the price actually drops unlike the Wii u still being $300 since the day it was released. I feel like that this console was rushed and they should of waited to the holiday season to release it to fix all the bugs and actually have a line up of more than 5 games at launch.
  3. Salus
    Nintendo is trash
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  4. goss34
    I knew the Switch was never gonna take off as it was hyped to be.
  5. WWE
    This officially changes my mind on getting the switch at this moment. I'll probably get one in the future.
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    1. Keeley Hazell
      lol pretty much. The game lineup was already iffy.. I love Zelda but I'm not willing to drop over $300 to play one game.
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